Sale on the website so decided to purchase new bedding for my 3 children, luggage and clothes for my upcoming Europe trip. I spent hours online and the total came to $542.00 . Took my credit card details and then my cart was emptied ! I phoned their customer service and asked if they could complete the order for me, they declined as they said they would probably have the same problem. ?

I attempted again and and my order and payment was accepted. 24 hours later I received an email stating that my order was cancelled. I phoned their "customer service department " that was a joke. They told me I had ordered too many items, I contacted their Head Office but was directed back to the original department, I did not feel that my order was excessive in any way. I was told that some people order and re sell the items and there was no way that the order could be reinstated . So, they had made a decision that I was going to resell the small order that I had placed, how absurd. ! I asked who else I could speak to to resolve this issue, I was told there was no one else I could speak to.

I am angry that TH has wasted my time and arbitrarily made a decision to cancel my order, I order online frequently and I have never experienced anything like the before.

I will never order anything from Tommy again and I will not shop in any of their stores ! They have no right to advertise a sale, allow you to order, take payment and then tell you the following day that you cannot have the products.

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